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Edinburgh is the home town of Rag & Bone Barbershop, Established November 2015.
We are now 9 barbers strong and still growing.

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2018: Volume 3... NEW SHOP!

Rag & Bone Barbershop Vol 3 (208 Morrison St) is OPENING SOON!

2017: A year after opening

Rag & Bone Barbershop Vol 2 (6 Jeffrey St) was born, located in Edinburgh Old Town just off the famous Royal Mile. With this shop we had been working closely with a local micro brewery as we wanted to be the first barbers in Edinburgh to have complimentary Scottish draft beer on tap, we figured around 25% of our clients will be new to the city and what better way to greet a tourist than with a cold one.

Having two shops in two years feels amazing, its not something we set out to do but having such a strong team around us made the transition so much easier.  There seems to be a new barber shop popping up every week in Edinburgh at the moment, so with so much choice we always have to keep pushing to improve.
We are now 9 barbers strong and still growing.
We have the dream of being one of the UK’s most recognisable, best barbershop brands but without having a shop in every corner of the country as we feel Its important not to dilute the brand.
Someone once said “your lucky to have such a good business” luck has nothing to do with it you need to take risks work hard and always have fun during it all. As long as people in the  “Auld Reekie” need a good cut Rag & Bone will be here

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2016: Starting up

With the barbering and the hairdressing world blurring we felt it was time for us to start something new. The name is simply a nod to Robert’s granddad who was a “Rag & Bone Man”. With these old influences and new ones we decided to go for a working class industrial decor. We didn’t have the biggest budget, so we kept it clean and simple, the floor is polished concrete (we were expecting to uncover old wood floor boards but we made it work). Old submarine wall lighting, hanging lamp lights and REM barber chairs are where we focused a large majority of the budget. After maxing out a few credit cards, a bit of saving and help from family we were determined to make it something special.
With the first shop (103 Dundas St) being located in Edinburgh’s New Town at the bottom of a large hill, we were hoping the majority of our previous clients would make the trip down, but what we didn’t expect was the way that Rag & Bone Barbershop, the brand, was loved and embraced by local residents as well as long term clients. We’ve always made it our business to cater for all types of clientele, from juniors to seniors, nobody should feel they are not welcome in Rag and Bone.
We worked solid 9:30 - 6:30 six days a week for months pushing the boundaries, doing videos, clothing even our own line of products. We always reinvest into the brand and shop whenever we can.